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Our Vision:

Optimizing health and wellbeing through extraordinary wellness experiences.

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Our mission:

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To provide expert education in aromatherapy and herbalism, empowering people to integrate herbal treatment programs in their services or into their daily lives.

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To provide high-quality natural products that support optimal physical and mental wellbeing.

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To exceed customer expectations with exceptional service and professional support.


We work with visionary business leaders in the wellness industry to optimise health and wellness through natural products and services. By combining science, quality, education and community-based learning, we create a unique offering that allows operators to shift wellness culture and shape new business models to clients with extraordinary wellness experiences. We believe that with the purest ingredients and a professional approach, enhancing personal well-being can be made simple.

With our inspiring user guides, colour system and informative app we make it easy to integrate aromatherapy into any wellness ritual. Whether it’s at the spa, in the sauna, or at home, we aim to support mental and physical wellbeing by rebalancing energy, restoring vitality and rejuvenating the spirit; all packed into an unforgettable experience. We are passionate about the power of aromatherapy and are driven to lead the world’s best wellness experiences. We are truly fortunate to work in such a meaningful industry, one that is not only creating economic development but also contributing to building a more sustainable future by spreading the culture of wellness and health promotion all over the world.

Let’s change the shape of wellness …Together!

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Loylymasters is the community brand of Aromen focussing on public wellness experiences in sauna and steambath. We support public wellnesscentra and their employees in developping a professional experience-program focussed on natural healthsupport and wellbeing. For that we provide the necessary quality products in combination with the knowledge to use these in a professional way to create unforgettabe experiences for the wellness guests. We stimulate the exchange of know-how between our customers through a wide network to maximalize the level of professionality (community based learning).



We believe that sauna of origin is a health-supporting and natural ritual and therefore only work with natural ingredients such as essential oils, herbs, hydrolates, pirt branches.



We believe that a professional sauna master does what the sommelier does with his wine. He creates an experience based on product knowledge, experience, creativity and professionalism and brings his guests as a host into a total experience of the senses. That is why all our courses are focused on:

1. Product knowledge
2. Professionalism (goal / analysis)
3. Creativity (inspiration)
4. Practice



We believe in community-based learning. We believe that the exchange of experiences and knowledge between different sauna masters, wellness centers, companies and organizations improve the professionalism of the wellness sector and the sauna world. That is why we have a solid cooperation with many professional wellness centers, companies and national / international associations and we develop our complete program focused on current needs and future developments.

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