Birch whisks (30pcs)

Birch whisks (30pcs)

Our birch whisks are made specially by Pirts Spirit Latvia and are traditionally handmade. These whisks are called ‘Venik’ in Russian, which means broom. In Finland, they are called ‘Vasta’ or ‘Vihta’. The whisks are soaked in lukewarm water and release their components in the water, which spreads a delicious aroma in the sauna. The water also has a positive effect on the skin. Birch whisks are a popular kind of venik due to their several positive effects on the human body.

  • relieves stress, tight muscles, and painful joints
  • helps to cure chronic bronchitis and inflammation of the airways
  • cleanses the skin
  • purifies the air
  • reduces skin pigmentation
  • speeds up the wound healing process
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Birch whisks (30pcs)

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