Incense Resin Olibanum (500gr)

Incense Resin Olibanum (500gr)

Boswellia carterii – Arabic incense or olibanum

This incense was the most important type in Egypt. It was seen as the most important part of smoke sacrifice rituals. For centuries the natural gum could only be harvested by a few Arabic families. Men who were tasked with performing the harvest were not allowed to have any intercourse or be in contact with the deceased during the harvest. Different kinds of incense are available: from Eritrea, Indian, Somali. Incense is linked with a long life and strong memory. It has a unique and valuable scent reminiscent of resin, herbs, lemon and conifer. Incense can also be combined with many scents and deepens other fragrances. Olibanum slows breathing.

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Incense Resin Olibanum (500gr)

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