Red Clay

Red Clay

Of all clay types, the red clay is richest in iron. It works as purifyingly as the other types of clay but has just that extra softening effect, necessary for the extremely sensitive or dry skin. A perfect match with our organic rose hydrolat. The queen of flowers is the number one go to when feeling emotional or physical distress. It’s revitalising for skin and blood flow, boosting cell renewal and a youthful appearance. Rose balances all skin types and is very nourishing for blemished or weakened skin. It’s gentle enough to use around the eye or problem areas. This relaxing and harmonising hydrosol is perfect for all skin types. How to use: Take the desired amount of clay into a wooden or glass bowl. Mix with herbal infusion or hydrolates until you get a nice thick paste. Apply to moist skin. For the best effect and the least risk of irritation, keep the clay paste moist by applying circular massage with wet fingertips. After fifteen minutes you can rinse the clay mask with plenty of lukewarm water. Afterwards, spray with a hydrolate, such as rose, to close the pores and finish with a a good hydration, the natural bodymilk with arganoil.

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Red Clay

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